Some Leather Shoes are better than others

Our sneakers are made and designed with the best leathers on the market. With a smooth touch and a firm hand feel we provide to our customers the best experience possible when wearing our sneakers.

All starts in Australia and New Zealand

All of our leather comes from two places, Australia and New Zealand. With decades of history on leather production this suppliers can guarantee the best quality product.

Treated in Italy

Our leather is treated and tanned on the best suppliers in the world. With years of history in the making their experience can create the best materials for use on a shoe process.

The leather we use is responsibly made according to the parameters established by the EU in using less than 3% of toxic chemicals.

Build for Comfort and Durability

One of our first concerns is the confort we provide. Our team was pretty sure that before a good looking design we needed to create a comfortable sneaker that would give the best walk experience to our customers.

We knew that after comfort we had to make our shoes durable. The leather we chose provides that experience and for extra we add a cool design on it. A Classic, Casual, Timeless and Unique silhouette.