Responsibly Made

Made in European Union

Our shoe production is made in Guimarães, Portugal, ensuring all the standards, from working condittions to fair wages to  all the employees. High handcrafting skills to a closer relationship with our supplier creates the main goal we have together. A confort,  timeless and high quality product.

Cutting Process

Thousands of clikcs are done to cut the leather in pices that will construct our shoes.
It’s on this stage it’s guaranteed it’s used the best leather parts to create a clean and smooth leather sneaker.

Stiching Process

All the pieces are put together with strong stitch lines to have 100% sure that the sneaker will be durable on a daily usage.

Assembly Process

This is the first time where we can start seeing a shoe having is unique shape.  With a stroble inner sole to be more flexible and confortable our sneakers have also a glued and stiched outsole for a stronger durability.

Quality Control

This is the point where every shoe is checked one by one. Our supplier makes sure all are 100% ready to be packaged with no problems. It’s a Classic casual sneaker that we make sure it will make your days brighter.