Why Timeless?

We wanted a brand that didn’t focus on trends that come and go, we wanted something that could survive all of that and be as much now as in 10 years, that’s why timeless and quality is so important for us, and why this design came to be like that.


As we developed the design, we got inspiration from the people we work with and places we visited, as well as from many other brands, both of shoes, but also from other kinds of brands that we thought had timeless products at their core. 

Why did this design came about?

At the first stage of creating our brand, probably the biggest worry was the design. We worked together with many people to come to a design that was timeless and that you can wear in different occasions, that was surely our biggest worry.

The Goal with this?

We want you to recognize ONISM as your go to brand when you think about those classic and timeless silhouettes that your wardrobe needs!